In a world of increasing complexity and anxiety, Pegasus seeks to create sense from chaos. It does so first by building lasting human relationships with hotels that translate into lasting guest relationships. At every step of the process, Pegasus strives to remove friction and create simplicity amidst an otherwise complicated environment. Our Five-Star Service makes interactions effortless and invisible, freeing up and empowering global hoteliers to return to the business of hospitality so they can do what they do best: take care of their guests.

Pegasus Solutions pioneered the hospitality reservations industry. Our capabilities are more robust and effective than our competitors, while the quality of our client services are best in class. Our Reservations Platform offers strategic solutions, tying together the reservation system, booking engine, value added services and demand gen under the umbrella of our Five-Star Service.


Pegasus Solutions is where reservations technology, hospitality and human relationships meet. As a service-first technology provider, we are committed to Five-Star Service and providing sophisticated solutions delivered simply.

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