Giving back control to our hotel customers is Pegasus’ top priority. You gain control when your reservations solutions provide the flexibility to meet your unique business needs. Pegasus provides the most flexible, responsive, and sophisticated reservations platform in the industry. But control doesn’t stop there. By combining the veteran expertise of our client services teams, with Pegasus’ user-friendly technology, you achieve new levels of control and profitability.


More than ever, hoteliers seek simplification - simplification in their technology, in their channel management, and in driving revenue with lowest possible acquisition cost. Simplicity starts with powerful yet flexible applications that make it faster and easier for you and for your customers to book reservations.

Simplicity for You

Managing all your channels and rates from a single straightforward reservations platform, tightly integrated with your PMS, increases efficiency, reduces error and drives improved profitability.

Simplicity for Your Customers

Pegasus industry-leading booking engine is made for mobile devices, with intuitive features that drive higher booking conversions and increased customer loyalty.

Simplicity Through Partnership

Pegasus’ client services teams partner with you to take simplicity to the next level. Let our experts in digital marketing, global demand, revenue management, and analytics help you identifying better ways to connect more profitable channels, increase direct bookings and lower overall reservations cost. Pegasus helps our customers find order out of chaos and drive more revenue, simply.


Pegasus stands alone as a service-first technology provider. We take pride in partnering with our hotel customers to combine advanced technology and subject matter expertise that help you drive more cost-effective reservations.

Full-Scale Operational Support Capabilities
  • Account & Revenue Management
  • Digital Marketing Services
  • Corporate Sales
  • Business Intelligence & Analytics
  • Professional Services (Systems Integration)
  • Data Management
  • Voice Services (Call Center) / Call Gating
  • Global 24-7 Customer Support

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