The Pegasus Reservations Platform is built to simplify hoteliers lives by providing management of all distribution channels in one location. Our network spans hundreds of demand channels to ensure your availability is marketed everywhere.

•    Direct connections with key OTAs to include Expedia and
•    Connections to all GDS to include Travelport, Amadeus, Worldspan and Sabre
•    Connections to the other OTAs via other distribution partners such as DHISCO
•    Integrations with all key channel managers
•    Direct guests via our call center and internet booking engine applications

The Industry’s Most Powerful, Dynamic CRS

One system built to power and dynamically manage availability, rates and inventory across all your channels at the click of a button. 
The Pegasus Reservations Platform is a SaaS application that offers market-leading scalability and flexibility to dynamically manage ARI ensuring your rooms are always marketed and competitive across all global channels.  Our software provides robust and expansive rate management capabilities that enable both simple and the most sophisticated of users the capabilities they need to rapidly offer discounted or new rates, group packages and flexible group options.  

Intelligent rate management tools and powerful pricing algorithms differentiate our reservations platform from standard channel managers, booking engines and other central reservations systems. Our chain-level controls are second-to-none, offering head office managers the ability to control ARI, rules and quickly disseminate new ARI information globally in an instant.  


Built to Last – Horsepower for Growth

Connectivity solutions only work so far as the reliability of the technology which underpins them. We have invested significantly in scalability and reliability for decades, helping cement our solutions as the standard bearers in these capabilities. Our proven technology is critical in a mobile-first world where look-to-book ratios are growing exponentially, creating unprecedented risk to your business. Reliability, scalability, and response time matter. Time is money - downtime and slow response times translate into significant revenue impacts. With 99.99%+ uptime and the fastest response times in the industry at 188 milliseconds, you can trust that your business and its growth is safe on Pegasus technology.  


Comprehensive Reservations Solution
Our enterprise reservations platform provides easy and complete global coverage of demand channels and your guests.  Utilizing the scalability of the industry's fastest central reservations system (CRS), we further expand coverage via integrations with other large distribution partners, tour operators and channel managers to ensure you can reach leisure guests, corporate guests and travel agents anywhere.


Real-Time GDS Updates Without Delay
Pegasus uniquely provides automated real-time ARI updates to the Global Distribution Systems (GDS), enabling you to exercise fingertip inventory and rate management control by the minute, creating opportunities for you to market to your guests while your competition lags in comparison.  


Workflows Adapted to Your Operatio 

Pegasus Reservations Platform offers flexible process flows, including group management - meaning you can work as you desire without being tied to a single, rigid process. More flexibility, less headache.


Deeply Integrated to All the Key Systems and Players in the Hospitality Industry
Integrate seamlessly with your existing systems including your PMS, CMS, RMS and CRM interfaces. Pegasus provides certified integrations with the vast majority of property management systems (PMS), ensuring ARI data synchronization across all systems as bookings are processed.

Call Center Module

The Pegasus Reservations Platform Voice Module ensures consistent real-time delivery of hotel and guest information from our systems to call center agents to maximize conversation rates and place heads in beds  – whether it is our call center or yours.

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